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Please be aware that due to our policies, all visitors to our facilities must make and have a verified appointment first. If you do not have an appointment you will be turned away at the security gate.

Personal Property & Vehicle Redemption

If you need to retrieve any property that was left in your vehicle, have made arrangements with your bank and need to redeem your vehicle from our storage lot, you MUST make an appointment first.

Our  appointment days are Monday - Friday

If you are scheduling a Personal Property Redemption. Please bring your own bags/boxes. Our storage totes are not for sale.

*If there are any fees assigned to your account you will be notified in your confirmation.

**Confirmations are sent same day as appointment, no later than 9am.

*** Release paperwork must be received by 9am the day of your appointment or your appointment will be denied and you will need to reschedule

We DO NOT offer same day appointments.

***Notice*** If you make an appointment with us and fail to show up or cancel with us, you may be assessed an administrative fee.
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